LocaJot Use Case – Note Good WiFi Locations

We present another useful scenario where using LocaJot can make life a bit more manageable…or at least a bit less stressful.

Good (meaning free or strong signals) WiFi can be unreliable and time-consuming to find.

Use LocaJot to mark the place where you find free, strong WiFi signals.

You travel through the same large airport every few months. Between the multiple terminals and large crowds, it can be difficult to remember where you had previously found a good WiFi signal. The next time you find a reliable signal, mark a nearby place and make a quick note in LocaJot. Recalling that spot will now be easier during your next visit!

Happy LocaJot customer image noting good wifi signal.

Happy LocaJot user and traveler recalling where good WiFi is.

LocaJot Quick Start – Adding Venues To Your Map

Since releasing LocaJot, we’ve received the same question more than a few times: “How can I fill up my map to look like the screenshots in the App Store?”

The map displays the venues you have stored in My Venues. There are three ways to add venues to My Venues: perform a Local Search, import your foursquare® Check-in™ history (you need an account with foursquare…sign up now), and import Nearby Venues. We’ll base our example on Local Search.

1) select My Venues from the main page
2) select Add a new venue from foursquare
3) select Local Search
4a) enter “pizza” into the search window and hit Search on keyboard
4b) select Import Mode button
5a) select Select All button
5b) select Import Now button
6) Go back to main page and select Map

LocaJot quick start picLocaJot quick start image 2And there you go…you’ve got loads of pizza places populating your map in the NYC area for you to choose from. There are many other ways to get your map filled out with venues you want. Explore and have fun!

One Way to Save Money With LocaJot

Our users asked how LocaJot can save you money. Here is a scenario that might come up in the course of the year.

Problem: Certain information is location-specific. Retrieving that information at the critical time can be valuable.

Solution: LocaJot tags notes to places.

Example: Certain businesses charge customers less for paying in cash. Mechanics, dentists, contractors, gas stations, etc. LocaJot can record the amount of the previous discount so you don’t overpay the next time you visit.

LocaJot Use Case #2: I’m Close, But Now What?

You’ve got LocaJot on your iPhone and you realize it can help you find that place you know is around…but where…just where is it? You know it’s nearby…but exactly where do I turn right or left? Use LocaJot’s map and you can get there more easily.

Problem: You are in the vicinity of a place of interest, but you can’t recall the exact location.

Solution: LocaJot can map venues imported from your foursquare® Check-in™ history.

Example: You are entertaining guests for the evening and they want a slice of pizza. It’s also raining. Your favorite pizzeria is a mile away and your guests don’t want to make the walk. You do remember another pizzeria much closer that serves an above-average slice. Unfortunately, you can’t remember if that nearby pizzeria is on 7th, 8th, or 9th. LocaJot to the rescue!

Using the LocaJot’s map can really help you figure out where you’re going. Use it and get back to your favorite place!

Getting the Most Out of LocaJot #1

So you’ve downloaded LocaJot and are looking to make some good use of it. Great! We’ll be posting helpful hints and use case scenarios to help you make the best use of LocaJot as you go through your days no matter if it’s business or pleasure.

Problem: You travel often and have trouble remembering places of interest. You not only forget the names of places, but you also forget where they are located.

Solution: Start using LocaJot to manage your favorite places! Here’s a way to use LocaJot today in order to save time later.

Example: You are traveling in an unfamiliar area and notice an interesting restaurant. With LocaJot you can easily remember that restaurant for later. First use LocaJot (powered by foursquare®) to find venues nearby your current location. After finding the restaurant in the list, attach a private note to that venue. That saves the restaurant name and location into your private list of LocaJot My Venues. Now the next time you visit the general area and are hungry, you can bring up LocaJot and view the nearest My Venues to your current location. From there it should be easy to find the restaurant from either the map or list of venues. It only takes seconds and saves frustration.

There you go…a quick and easy way to start keeping your trips in order and taking note of the better things in life.